Social media, drug sale dispute leads to deadly shooting in northwest Harris County: Sheriff

Officials say an ongoing dispute between two men involving social media and a possible drug deal may have led up to a deadly shooting in northwest Harris County.


It happened in the 7900 block of Terra Canyon Ln, where Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said deputy constables with Precinct 5 were called to a shooting. Responding officers found a man, later identified as Kourtney Peete, shot after what the sheriff only described as an "altercation." 

The man was rushed to the hospital, where Sheriff Gonzalez said he died from his injuries. 

In a later tweet, the suspected shooter turned himself in to authorities. The sheriff says the unidentified suspect and Peete were "involved in an ongoing dispute involving social media and possibly the sale of marijuana." 

It's believed the suspect was outside Peete's home when an argument began between the two and after Peete grabbed a knife. That's when the suspect pulled out a gun and shot him. 


No charges appear to be filed against the shooter, as of this writing, but an investigation will remain underway so files couple be charged later. 

This is a developing story and will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.