Man partners with Katy restaurant to give dogs a final meal before passing

"Spike was my best friend for 17 years," said Andrew Leeper. "Spike's final resting place is right here in the front yard."

Spike passed away less than two months ago.


"This is his home. It's the only home he ever knew, and we wanted him here with us," Leeper said.

Photo of Spike

Just talking about Spike has Leeper welling up with tears.

"It's emotional. I'm a grumpy old man, crying doesn't bother me," he said. "I'm not one of those cool I'm a macho man. It's very emotional, I miss my dog very much," said Leeper.

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Leeper is the founder of the Facebook group Katy Fort Bend Foodies. He shared a post about a pet owner calling in an order to a restaurant for a hamburger cut in half. The caller said it would be his dog's final meal.

That got Leeper and his friend, Waseem Hilal, thinking.

"I love pets myself, we've had birds, we've had cats, dogs," Hilal said. "Any animal is a life something that grows with you, it's part of your family."

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Hilal is chef and owner of Chuck Wagon Barbeque and Hamburgers in Katy. The two decided to start Spike's Rainbow Dinner.

"People can give us a call or come in bring us a little picture of your dog to put on our board," Hilal said. "If they are in the passing phase, we will give them a half a pound of meat or a burger or something as a last meal, so the dog can have a nice farewell."

"I want people to bring a picture of their dog to go on the bulletin board," said Leeper. "I want to see that bulletin board filled up, and every time you come to Chuck Wagon Barbeque, you will be able to see your dog."

If you'd like more information, you can email or call 281-394-7784.