Man given 35 years in 2018 for a vicious attack already being considered for parole

Army veteran Teelia Lowery is a communications major at Texas Southern University. She hosts a radio talk show every Thursday on the campus' radio station.

"It's basically a platform for veterans to share their stories," she said.

Lowery has her own terrifying story to tell.

In 2016, she told her then-boyfriend, 57-year-old Howard Risher, she wanted out.

"He put his hands around my neck and proceeded to strangle me," Lowery said. "I prayed, I asked God, you get me out of this situation, I promise I won't put myself in it again."

Lowery says she could finally rest in April 2018 after a jury sentenced Risher to 35 years in prison.

"I'd have time to move away from here, to start a new life," she said.

Risher is already under consideration for parole.

"The 35-year sentence the jury imposed basically is a moot point because it's to be run concurrently," said Andy Kahan with CrimeStoppers.

Risher was on parole when he attacked Lowery. He got 50 years in 2005 for cocaine possession. The court declared his 35-year sentence would-run concurrently with his 50-year sentence.

"Because it's engulfed in his 50-year sentence for parole purposes," said Kahan.

Another reason he's already being considered for release is his conviction has no deadly weapon finding.

"So, in other words, the hands that went to choke her to death do not constitute a deadly weapon." 

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