Man charged with 2 capital murders in Harris, Galveston Co. posts $1 million bond

A man charged with two Capital Murder charges in Galveston and Harris County is out on a $1 million bond and the family of one victim spoke out during a press conference with Crime Stoppers. 

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Crime Stoppers said in a press release Devan Jordon, 21, posted bond out of Galveston County Jail Wednesday. 

"In all my years of being involved with the criminal justice system, I have never seen a defendant charged with multiple Capital Murder cases in different counties actually allowed to bond out," Crime Stoppers Director of Victim Services Andy Kahan said in a press statement. "Considering that the defendant has a prior criminal history and has repeatedly violated his bond conditions, this defies logic. Needless to say, the victim's family is beyond irate and frustrated. The public needs to be warned that this defendant is back out in the community and based on his track record, someone will more than likely pay the price." 

During a press conference Thursday afternoon, Kahan was joined by Joshua Sandoval's family, who we reported on back last December. The family held back tears as they voiced frustration and disappointment in Jordon being able to be put back on the street despite his criminal history. 

"I can't bring my brother back, but I am eager to help other people not face the same thing that we have been facing," Aimee Castillo, Joshua's sister said. "Josh's light was dimmed too soon because of the negligence of the court system." 

"He spread nothing but joy his entire life," said Omar Sandoval while describing his younger brother. "He used to light up a room instantly with his smile."


"To know that our criminal justice system, especially here in Texas, is allowing for these repeat violent, extremely violent, offenders to continue to be released and to continue to prey on everyday citizens that have nothing to do with them, it's mind-boggling," Omar Sandoval, Joshua's brother said. "And it's very unsettling that anybody would allow this to continue to happen - to allow people back on the street who have not once murdered, but twice that we know of…to be free to roam." 

After a closer look at court documents in February, we made a troubling discovery.

"May 27, he's supposed to be in court, he doesn't show up in court," said Kahan in February. "Joshua Sandoval was murdered on May 27."

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According to court documents, Jordon was told on May 17 to get an electronic monitoring device. Then two days later, 339th Criminal District Court Judge Te'iva Bell was notified. She set a hearing for May 27 and Jordon failed to appear. Again that same day, the 21-year-old allegedly murdered Sandoval.

"If you didn't show up when you were ordered to show up, there should have been a warrant issued for your arrest," Kahan said. "I'll argue that until the day I die." 

"The Galveston County DA told me they are lenient in Harris County. But in Galveston County, they are going to hold him. And for him to be on the street today, I'm in disbelief. I'm shocked," said Joshua's mother Glenda Martin.

Jordon is also charged with capital murder in Galveston County for the death of Jeffery Johnson, who was killed two weeks after Sandoval's slaying.