Man charged in two 2018 gang-related shooting deaths

HOUSTON (FOX 26) — You may not have probably ever heard of Kendrick Johnson, but you are familiar with his crimes. He's accused of shooting Delindsey Mack to death in November 2018 as he was waiting for a ride near Lamar High School. He actually stood over Mack and fired round after round into the teen's body.

The crime shocked people throughout the Houston area. Johnson is officially charged in Delindsey's death.

"This is what you call teamwork, teamwork," said Dalia Mack. "My team promised me they have my back. They showed up and they showed out. I tip my hat to HPD."

Johnson is also charged in the drive-by shooting death of Kenneth Roberson in a drive by shooting on Longe Avenue reported in October 2018. Roberson and Delindsey Mack belonged to one gang, Johnson another.

"The frustration I go through, the anger, the pain," said Dalia. "I forgive this person because he has a mother and she is in pain."

Law enforcement is not so forgiving as Johnson is facing two counts of murder. The shootings were part of a deadly and seemingly endless game of tit for tat that's been plaguing the Third Ward area.

"There's an ongoing cross-generational gang war going on between the two gangs involved," said Chief Art Acevedo. 'The YSBs and the 103s."

Police were able to connect Johnson's 9mm handgun to those two killings plus an aggravated assault. and he still had it on him at the time of his arrest.

Delindsey Mack and Roberson are not the first victims in this gang war and they likely won't be the last. But Roberson's mother wants the gang members to listen to her and listen closely.

"If you love your mother and you don't want your mother, your father or your family to go through this, please put the guns down." said Yvonne Furgeson.