Man accused of murdering someone while out on 3 felony bonds, granted bond again

It's in black and white. Vernon Menifee, 24, is a violent career criminal and gang member.

Since 2013, he's racked up six felony convictions, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

In 2019, Menifee was charged with engaging in organized criminal activity and felon in possession of a weapon. He got bonds for those charges and a third bond for burglary.

Then last April, Menifee allegedly murdered 29-year-old Guy Anthony Owen Allen.

"The sad reality is Menifee should have been locked up before he could even commit the murder," said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers.

Menifee was denied bond after the murder charge.

"Finally the court said no more, Mr. Menifee. Every time we keep letting you out on bond you keep reoffending and it gets worse and worse and there's nothing worse than murder," said Kahan.

But recently, 209th Criminal District Court Judge Brian Warren gave Menifee a $150,000 bond.

Remember to get out of jail you only need 10 percent of the bond.

"What on Earth makes you think he's going to abide by any laws of society based on his track record," Kahan said. "You've got to be delusional to think this way."

We contacted the 209th and were told Judge Warren can't comment on pending cases.