Major 610 closures planned for upcoming weekends

It’s one of the consequences of a growing city. Expanding the highways to ease traffic flow. In this case, crews will hang bridge beams and work on a connector ramp.

The way to achieve that, ironically, is by causing a major traffic jam.

Raven Kyles works in the area. 

“I’m a little upset about it, I’m actually frustrated. Just thinking about the traffic, I stopped right here because I didn’t feel like driving. It makes me stressed out. I’m literally just sitting here chilling because I’m like I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, so I might as well just sit here for a little bit," she said.

I-610 West Loop will be closed both north and southbound right at I-59, the Southwest Freeway. The closure will last the entire weekend. The highway opens up again at 5 a.m. on Monday, just in time for the morning commute. But those who work on weekends have to plan accordingly.

Romero Osorio tells us his commute to work is 20 minutes, he now fears it will take him an hour.

“It’s not easy to get here because like I work literally in the Galleria, and now you’re telling me this, wow!” he said.

Residents urge giving yourself at least 45 minutes to an hour if you’re traveling around the Galleria Area. 

“Stay at home, stay indoors. Save a lot of gas, save a lot of time, and just get some R & R. Don’t travel anywhere this weekend," Kyles suggests.

This isn’t the last we will see of this closure. Next weekend, in fact, all weekends during February, the same closure will take place.

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