Loved ones remember family killed in murder-suicide at San Luis Resort

Friends and relatives are remembering the Canas family that died in the murder-suicide at the San Luis Hotel. The family lived on a quiet street in Baytown. Loved ones say they seemed so happy and can’t believe the family would be at the center of such a tragedy.       

"I can’t say anything bad about that family," says neighbor Shirley Davis. 

The loss of the Canas family, the two little boys, mom and dad, has devastated loved ones.

"It hurts. I can’t explain it. It just hurts," cries Davis who has lived next door to Mauricio Sr., Flor, Mauricio Jr. and Daniel Canas for years. She remembers when the 5-year-old boy was born.

"Oh my Daniel.  I love my Daniel.  He would see me, get off his bike and come give me a hug," smiles Davis. 

The family was found dead by Galveston police officers early Monday in a murder-suicide at the San Luis Resort. The mom, dad and 5- and 10-year-old little boys checked in late Sunday for a one day stay.  Investigators believe the mom killed her family, then herself.

"She loved her children dearly. So I don’t understand that. That is totally out of character for her," Davis adds. 

Neighbors describe the family as being close knit, seemingly happy and loving.

"I lost a part of me because I loved them. I cared. My whole family cared. We’ve just been trying to understand. All we can do is pray for their families now," says Davis.   

According to friends, the family was very active in their church, Cristo Viene.  Goose Creek ISD says the tragedy is "almost too much to bear.  A student death can have a ripple effect on a school community and because of this we will have additional counseling services at the school."

Loved ones and police are still searching for why this happened.