Looking for deal on meds? Try the grocery store.

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With rising drug prices and high-deductible health insurance plans, paying for the medications we need is getting tougher for many of us.

As a pharmacist for 18 years, Lara Smith she says she's watched customers struggling to cover the cost of their prescriptions.

"I have customers that, they just won't pick up their medications, because they're too expensive," Smith says.  "And I feel horrible for them because I know they need this medication.  A lot of times, it's blood pressure medication, diabetes medication."

That's why Smith's company, Publix, is launching a new drug discount program it's calling "the next best thing to free." 

For just $7.50, you can get a 90-day supply of close to 30 generic drugs.

Do the math, and that's $2.50 a month.

"The $7.50 (covers) a list of many medications that are commonly-prescribed for common conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, depression," Smith says.

Dan Maslia, and 84-year old retired Atlanta credit union manager says 3 of his medications are on the Publix $7.50 list, Including one for his 10-year old dog, Verdi.

"He has seizures, and he's been taking gabapentin, just like I do.  But, he takes it for seizure control, and I take it for back pain."

Publix has the lowest grocery store pharmacy generic prices we could find.

But, when we reached out to Kroger, the company said it will match any competitor's price, including the Publix $7.50 deal.

On Ingles' website, generics are $3 for a 30-day supply, with a $5 yearly individual membership fee.

At Walmart, you'll pay $4 for a 30-day supply, $10 for 90-days for select generics.

Some of the stores like Publix also offer common medications like antibiotics and diabetes drugs for free with a doctor's prescription.

At her North Atlanta store, Lara Smith says she likes giving customers a price they can afford, so they can plan ahead.

"So, now I can budget that in, and still pay for my groceries, and the electric bill, and what not," Smith says.

"My dog appreciates it, too," Maslia smiles.

For more on generic drug discount programs, visit https://www.needymeds.org/discount-drugs.

To learn more about Publix drug discount program, go to http://www.publix.com/pharmacy-wellness/pharmacy/pharmacy-services/medication-supply