Longtime residents at Houston apartment complex feel new ownership is trying to push them out

Longtime residents at one Houston apartment complex spoke with FOX 26 exclusively, saying new ownership is trying to push them out. 

"It seems like she’s trying to kick us out, and not explain anything to us," says Vikkie Kiddy, resident of the Pine Arbor Apartments for 25 years. 

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Over half the complex lives on a fixed income, and many of them have lived there for over 20 years. 

The most recent issue they say is a 200 to 300% increase in their water bills with no answers as to why from apartment management. 

Kathy Snell, resident of the Pine Arbor Apartments for 21 years, says they received their first and only notice after the increases had started. She also says the notice was very vague. 

"It started increasing to about $35, and I thought this was the increase the apartment was talking about when they sent the letter. I just thought the letter was a little late getting to us," said Snell. "And then we all started getting our most recent current bill, where mine was over $70, and others were jumping as high as $120."

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After several attempts to speak with management to learn why, several residents took the matter into their own hands. 

"I looked at my water bill and found the company that is responsible for billing, we have learned that current ownership is agreeing to only assume five percent of the cost, then the rest of the complex is responsible for 95% of the water cost."

They say the lack of follow through and communication from management on the latest concern is troubling. 

"It needs to be explained, and people wouldn’t get so upset. It's like you’re trying to keep something from us when we ask a question, they just evade you," says Kiddy. 

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Both ladies say the apartments are their home and residents look out for each other. 

"I don’t feel like I have to be pushed out, and that I have to go somewhere that I’m going to be scared to death," says Kiddy.

FOX 26 did reach out to the new owner, but we have not received a message back.