Local Ukrainian returns to Houston to raise money for refugees

A local Ukrainian, who went to Poland to help refugees, is back now sharing how we can help the children separated from their parents.

Oksana Stevenson recently came back to Houston from a quick trip to Warsaw, Poland.

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"I was basically shocked. How many kids are there without parents," she said.

Aid groups and volunteers along Ukraine’s borders are reporting cases of human trafficking and children going missing.

"The first couple of days of the war, there are train stations that were full and on the way from Ukraine to Poland. There were a lot of people and so that’s how they lost their parents," she said.

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There are shelters set up by non-profit organizations, like the one Stevenson is working with directly, called Good Brother. They have a rehabilitation center for the children, but there is so much that they need.

"They don’t have basic stuff. They don’t have beds for kids, they are asking for a washer and dryer because they don’t have it," she said. "It really hurts, and I decided that I will do some projects and try to raise the money for the kids."

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Stevenson has collaborated with local groups to hold a fundraiser to help Ukrainian Children.

The Keeper Project: Help Ukranian Mothers & Children
Sunday, May 8 at 4 p.m. 
(281) 743-7856
20621 Westheimer Parkway
Katy, Texas 77450
-Concert program
-food & beverages