Local RV company rated F by BBB; customers talk with FOX 26

The Better Business Bureau of Greater Houston tells FOX 26, they are looking into a local company, VaKay RV, after receiving several complaints about late payments, no payments, mixed messages and ignored communication. 

"At this point, the company has not actually responded to the BBB complaints we have on file, so they have an F rating with us," says Leah Napoliello, Better Business Bureau of Greater Houston and South Texas. 


"We have received some complaints on this business already, oftentimes when they rent an RV it’s dirty and unclean," says Napoliello. "Also people are saying that they pay a $500 deposit that’s refundable, then when they contact the business and try to get their deposit back after renting, they can not." 

Lincoln Davis, who contracted out his RV to Vakay RV, says he’s out $1,200 and his texts, calls and messages have been ignored.

With these businesses, RV owners lease out their RV, that in turn, rents them out to customers.  

"Vakay RV has had my RV for the past two years. At first, it was great, they paid me on time. But now it's getting to the point where they are three months behind on my rent, and they own $1,200," said Davis. "I keep messaging them and I get no response, or I get a response, and they say we’re going to pay it soon."


Sandy, who spoke with FOX 26, but did not want to disclose her last name, tells us she never signed a contract and brought it to their attention many times. She, too, leased out her RV, and later took it back, feeling uncomfortable with the treatment.

"We have no contract, we never had a contract," says Sandy. "I told her I was taking it out, I was going to have someone haul it for me and I went and picked it up, and I put it in storage."

The owners of the company told FOX 26 they would send over proof of payment for the $1,200. We have not received notice back. The owners of VaKay RV, said over the phone, they are flabbergasted by the claims. 

"We do encourage people to file complaints, and we will continue to keep sending those complaints to the company," says Napoliello.