Local company pivots to stay relevant during COVID-19 crisis

A local promotional products company is staying relevant during the COVID-19 crisis by helping other businesses get back to work. 

Melissa Young took over Corporate Incentives in The Woodlands last summer.  The family run company puts your logo on anything you want, but now, nine months later, she has found herself having to make tough decisions.

"The phones just stopped ringing, huge orders cancelled as events got cancelled.  We saw a hard drop in revenue coming into the company," she said.

Looking for a way to stay relevant she started filling orders for personal protective equipment.  Her company has sold hundreds of thousands of reusable and disposable masks to businesses along with hand sanitizer.

"Just got off the phone with a major employer here in the city who's interested in stylus pens to issue one to every employee returning to work to access the coffee machine or anything they're planning on touching."


She also sells a "Kooty Key" to keep from touching things and signs that make it socially acceptable to not shake hands.

"I think now that we are getting back I am very supportive of that.  I think we need to be careful, but I think everybody needs to get back to it also," she says.