Local businesses stand to profit from going the distance with the Yankees

As the Astros get ready to begin the next round of the playoffs, 'fans' may be looking for a quick sweep of the Yankees.

But people looking for an economic bounce may hope for the series to go the distance.

If the ALCS goes all seven games, four of them will be played in Houston.

Fans cheer on the Astros.

The playoffs and World Series are not make, or break, money-makers.   

When the Astros won the series in 2017, the Greater Houston Partnership estimated the economic impact to be between $7-10 million, per game.

But businesses that cater to the fans are preparing for big crowds.

"The crowd, during playoffs, gets out of control compared to the regular season," say Home Plate Grill bartender Theresa Morini, "I've seen it, already, with Tampa Bay and it's going to be even heavier with the Yankees."

Analysts say the social-impression, that Houston leaves on baseball fans, may have a bigger impact than they money they spend, here.