LLamas and alpacas at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo this weekend

The llamas and alpacas have arrived at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!

The cute critters and their handlers will compete in a variety of events this weekend including some that involve costumes, hats and walking through water.

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The llamas and alpacas moved in on Thursday, when a parade was scheduled to be held but got canceled because of the weather.

But there are still plenty of chances to see them. Competitions began on Friday morning and last through Sunday.

According to the organizers, the animals are judged based on their fleece characteristics, and exhibitors compete in showmanship for their presentation skills.

"We will be doing llama shows, we’ll be doing showmanship and obstacles, and also we’re going to be having costumes this week," explains exhibitor Alexandra Dukas, who is showing her llama and alpacas.

There is llama costume show on Friday morning, and an alpaca costume show on Saturday morning.

"It’s really to show off the animal and the handler rapport, that they have a good rapport, and the animals are tolerant of it," says exhibitor Carol Rutledge.

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You might also see the animals in hats.

"That's part of the performance courses. Many times one of the obstacles is to put a hat on your llama," Rutledge says.

There’s a packed weekend of events, so check out the full schedule here.