Little leaguer who comforted Pearland pitcher after he was hit by pitch to attend World Series game

Model Released: Baseball bat and ball on base plate (Photo by Markus Boesch/Getty Images)

A little leaguer who was at the center of a heartwarming moment will be attending a World Series little league game! 

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Tulsa’s Isaiah Jarvis, who was at the center of that heartwarming moment in Waco when he was hit in the helmet by Pearland’s Kaiden A.K.A. "Bubs" Shelton and then went to console Bubs after he was visibly shaken during the Southwest Regional Final, will be in Williamsport, PA to help cheer the team on.

Texas East pitcher Kaiden Shelton was visibly shaken up as Jarvis lay in the batter's box. After Jarvis got up and reached first, though, he noticed how upset Shelton was, so he decided to comfort him.

Shelton was taken out of the game after a brief mound visit with Jarvis as well as his team and coaches. But before anyone else could join the two at the mound, it seemed like Jarvis had some encouraging words for Shelton, as they embraced on the mound.

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When Texas East's head coach walked to the mound, his mic caught Jarvis telling Shelton he was "doing just great" in the ultimate sign of sportsmanship. 

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