Robots are making pizza in Frisco

The future of food is now open in Frisco.

A new café that prepares food with the help of robots and AI held it's grand opening Tuesday. 

Red Mango and Pizza Jukebox held a ribbon-cutting ceremony today at the Walmart in Frisco to open its first location and introduce its AI-powered automated robot. 

At the café, which is located inside the Walmart on 121, the robot makes the pizzas, not the employees. 

In total, the pizza making process takes approximately five minutes. 

The robot makes pizza, serves up all-natural frozen yogurt, and more.

Sherif Mityas, the CEO of Bricks Holdings, said they wanted to take AI to the next level. 


"We think guests coming out of the pandemic want to come back out, want to come back out and eat, want to socialize," Mityas said. "And part of that might is maybe watching a robot make your pizza while you’re enjoying a great tasting pepperoni or sausage 16-inch slice." 

Mityas said having the robot allows their employees to do other tasks like engaging with customers. 

"Who wants to just put sauce and cheese on a pizza all day? Let the robot do that. We get our team members to do more fun things," Mityas said.


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Ten percent of all the money earned at the ceremony will be donated to Frisco Fastpacs, an organization that ensures that weekend meals are given to over 1,400 children in the Frisco area. 

Mityas said they hope to expand and build cafés like this across the country.