Lamar teen to tried as an adult in fellow student's death

A 16-year-old girl will be charged as an adult in connection with the murder of her Lamar High School classmate. A judge issued the ruling on Monday.

It was previously unknown if she would be tried as an adult or a juvenile.

Prosecutors believe the girl set up 18-year-old Delindsey Mack to be shot and killed after school in November 2018. Investigators say she walked out of school with Mack just minutes after receiving a text message asking if he'd left yet. 

The morning of Mack’s murder, he even made a playful video with the girl in class but in court today this is what prosecutors say the girl was doing with her phone as she sat next to Mack in class.

They say Kendrick Johnson, the 19-year-old charged with murdering Mack, sent a text to the girl around 8 am saying, "Don't say it but what we talked about yesterday is still on". Johnson was charged with Mack's murder last March and reportedly belongs to a rival gang.