KMCO plant ordered shut down until safety inspections complete

The northeast Harris County petrochemical facility KMCO, LLC, where a deadly explosion occurred earlier this week, has been ordered to close for the time being.

The Fire Marshal and county attorney issued the order against KMCO, requiring that it close down until inspections are complete. The plant caught fire on Tuesday, leaving one dead and two injured.

The county restraining order requires that the company retain all its records, and prevent the disposal of any inventory without proper documentation. 

Rachel Moreno, the Public Information Officer from the Harris County Fire Marshal's Office said:

"The main thing is to make sure that the environment is safe. We would also look at any electrical outlets and any electrical equipment to make sure that they are properly installed and have the proper safety precautions that go with them. Another main thing we would look at is, do they have an emergency operations plan so that if something goes wrong, they have a plan for staff to get out." 

KMCO, LLC released the following statement on Saturday: 

“Earlier today, the KMCO family buried our beloved colleague, James Mangum. KMCO is focused on taking care of our team members and protecting the environment. We will address any legal matters at the proper time and in the proper forum.”