Kids tied up in violent home invasion after 4 men break into their home

A family in Tomball was terrorized in their own home and even the children were tied up in a violent home invasion that happened in the Creekside Forest Subdivision. 

It was broad daylight as kids were heading to school and residents to work around 7 a.m. on Thursday.  Investigators say four men burst into the home and tied up everyone inside including the 14 and 4-year-old kids.

Having men force their way into a house, tie up the husband, wife and children not only tormented the family but also the neighborhood.

”To see the helicopter over our houses with hundreds of police cars it seemed like, it was pretty upsetting,” says neighbor Teresa Noland.

”There were kids at the splash pad playing at the park during all of this.  There were people out walking their dogs,” adds resident Lesly Mcrae.

The mother who was tied up was able to free herself and get help.  Residents in the Tomball neighborhood say to hear about the vicious home break-in is alarming but to know even the 14 and 4-year-old kids were bound makes them angry.

“I’m a mom.  I have four kids of my own and that to me I think that’s the biggest thing,” says Mcrae. 

Harris County Sheriff’s investigators still hope to talk with the husband, who left before deputies arrived.  The men who broke in drove away in a black Range Rover.  Detectives believe the home was not randomly selected.  Although they won't elaborate on why, they feel this house was targeted.

”I feel perfectly safe and comfortable in the neighborhood.  Things can happen anywhere.  I don’t care where you go,” says resident Stanley Okazaki.

Investigators say no one in the family was seriously injured, except for maybe with the type of scars you can’t see.