Katy residents continue to help Hurricane Laura victims as Hurricane Delta looms

As the threat of Hurricane Delta looms over Louisiana many residents there still haven't recovered from Laura and her destruction but one Houston area neighborhood has been doing all they can to help.

When some residents in Katy found out Louisiana storm evacuees were living in hotels near them they came together in a big way. Could you imagine preparing food for weeks for hundreds of strangers who ended up in hotels near your home? Well, that's what these Katy residents did.

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"I can't tell you how proud I was of our neighborhood because it was everybody and we live in a very diverse neighborhood. It was awesome to watch,” says Frank Cano. When Cano found out Louisiana residents ravaged by Hurricane Laura were in need and temporarily staying in Katy he actually first said "no way" this is too big “I can't help” but then "I came back and met with a neighbor and we're like we're going to pray about this".

Cano says a jumble of Bible scriptures seemed to haunt him until a few words became clear “Oh ye of little faith”. “And we shifted from 'what can I do to what can God do?' And I'm telling you I will never doubt His power again. It literally happened overnight,” explains Cano. The entire Cinco Ranch community came together taking toys to the kids and cooking meals for the families.

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"We delivered over 2,000 meals total. Most of it was hot meals. We did do groceries and gas cards”.

"They came out in numbers. It had to be God,” says Louisiana storm evacuee Nikkie Scott-Austin.

“We just did our best to be kind and compassionate and generous,” says Cano.

"They just were truly a blessing. They donated diapers for the residents, hand sanitizer, clothes,” adds Scott-Austin.

"One of my college buddies we set up a row of big pits in the cul de sac and we got after it. We delivered some really nice BBQ that night,” smiles Cano.

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Scott-Austin is a college student and she says you name it, the Katy residents did it. “I had one assignment that I needed an audience for and Frank, his wife and his daughter stayed so I would have enough people for my audience,” she smiles.

It seems what started as neighbor helping neighbor has grown into so much more. "I've taken them in as my extended family and I appreciate everything that they've done for me,” says Scott-Austin.

A number of evacuees had left the Houston area. Nikkie Scott-Austin for instance went back to stay with loved ones in Louisiana while her home is being repaired. Now there's Delta. The Cinco Ranch residents hope other communities will come together and help evacuees if necessary.