Juvenile charged with murder of his mother

La Marque police believe they have solved the mystery of who killed a 33-year-old woman -- they have filed a murder charge against her 14-year-old son. Now people are asking why.

"They seemed like good-hearted people," said Austin, a neighbor who wanted to be identified just by his first name. "He seemed like a good kid. Wanted to play football, but I guess you never know people's personal problems behind closed doors."

Austin says Nita Moseley and her teen son had moved into the house next to his on Fannin Street near Bonham Street in La Marque in mid-August. But Saturday, he said he noticed that the front door of the home had been open a long time.

"I went over there to investigate and that's when I found Nita on her back, in the kitchen, in a pool full of blood," said Austin.

Moseley's son was missing but he was found on Sunday in Houston along with a black 2014 Nissan Maxima reported missing. That's when La Marque police began interrogating him and the teen was charged. Investigators are not saying if the boy confessed. They will only say that they found sufficient evidence to connect him to the crime.

Austin says he got to know Moseley and her son as soon as they moved in. He stepped up to help, because she was four-months pregnant and her teen son was keeping his mother from working too hard.

“He wouldn't even let her lift heavy boxes when they were moving in," said Austin. "That's how we became close. It seemed like he cared." That’s one reason Austin says he just shocked that this has happened.

Investigators have not released a cause of death, but an autopsy on Moseley’s body is scheduled for Tuesday.