Is this my dream job? Unexpected benefts about job shaming

It's a story that's gone viral--a star actor who's now a grocery bagger at Trader Joe's in New Jersey. You may remember him as "Elvin" during his 5 seasons on the Cosby show.  "Geoffrey Owens" was recently spotted working at a Trader Joe's in New Jersey. While it may not be as glamorous as Hollywood, many are coming to Owens' defense.

Some are saying there's no shame in making a living between gigs and, more importantly -- scoring a job with heath insurance. The story is sparking a national conversation about job shaming, and Connection coach Jonathan Sprinkles is here with a positive spin--3 benefits of job shaming you never knew about.

  • Is this job still my PASSION?
  • Does this job allow me to make a difference with PEOPLE?
  • Am I proud of my PERFORMANCE?