In-N-Out Burger to open two Houston area locations

The long wait for an In-N-Out Burger for southwest Houston residents will finally come to an end, as not only one location will be opening this weekend, but two!

Beginning Friday, November 22, In-N-Out hamburgers, fries, and shakes will be available at the newest locations in Katy and Stafford.

As most of may already know, In-N-Out is originally from California and its burgers are a staple in that region, so it’s hard to speak to customers here without comparing it to Whataburger - which is a Texas icon. So will this Cali burger joint live up to its hype here in Texas? FOX 26 asked customers — some who’ve had it and some who haven’t — and well, to be honest, they a little skeptical. 

In-N-Out representatives tell us both locations will have enough seating for more than 70 people inside.

The Katy In-N-Out restaurant is located at 1010 Katy-Fort Bend Road, and the Stafford restaurant is located at 12611 South Kirkwood Road.