'I just hope he’s not doing it to anyone else,' road rage shooting survivor speaks with FOX 26

A Houston woman is trying to find the man, who she says shot at her and her friend while driving northbound on 59. The bullet struck the car a foot and half away from the driver’s seat. 

"He was aiming to get me I think, "I just hope he’s not doing it to anyone else," says Robyn Hatfield.


Robyn Hatfield and her friend, Dora Swang spoke with FOX 26, after experiencing a terrifying road rage shooting. 

She says they were just getting off of work around 2 a.m., leaving NRG stadium, traveling on 59 North in between Rankin and Will Clayton Pkwy is when it happened.

"The first time we saw him was when he got over and got so close to my car and then when he hit his brakes I thought there was no one in front of him to do that, I knew something was wrong," says Hatfield.  "And he would not let us get away."


Robyn says, she pays close attention to her surroundings and can not recall what was done that would spark the reaction 

"I’ll never forget his face if I ever see it again, I said if I did anything to make you angry and the bang," says Hatfield. "I’m thinking here we are two older ladies you think were really harmful to you…It was just so shocking."


Both women say the man was driving a new Red or Maroon pickup truck, WITH a V8 Diesel engine.

"You have to be a pretty good shot at that rate of speed 60-65 mph, I think he was really trying to shoot me, "said Hatfield. "It was senseless - the stray bullet could have hit somebody, anything could have happened, the damage that could have been caused."

The women tell us they feel blessed to be alive, they’re working on filing a police report but are still trying to determine the jurisdiction.