Hurricane Beryl: From bayous reaching their banks to flying bricks, Beryl brings chaos to Space City

Braes Bayou was one of the city's bayous that came out of its banks to make driving impossible for a few hours on North Braeswood.

Residents at The Woods on LaMonte were more worried about brick walls crumbling than driving,

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Beryl caused brick walls to collapse sending bricks and insulation everywhere.

Residents like Abrina Galvan said they heard a loud boom like thunder. 

"With the last storm, the tornado thing, we got it pretty bad over here," Abrina said. "It's crazy, it's like back to back."

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Rescued Pets Movement, a non-profit that has saved 89,000 dogs and cats on the verge of being euthanized, also got hit hard by both storms.

"We came into the hurricane without having a proper facility," said Shelby Roquemore with Rescued Pets Movement. "Our roof is still missing, and it already had leak damage. It's really gotten worse with this hurricane,"

The one silver lining Shelby says, they got all the animals out of the shelter before Beryl's arrival.

Even after being hit by two major storms in less than two months, Rescued Pets Movement keeps saving lives.

"That's been the most incredible part, thanks to our fosters and our donors have really kept us going."