Hundreds attend prayer vigil in Conroe for law enforcement officers

Wednesday's service was called Prayer for Police, a community event.

The event was planned due to last week's senseless and tragic slaying of Harris County Sheriffs Deputy Darren Goforth.

It was a service that those in attendance aren't likely to forget.

"We pray for the Goforth family today our hearts are with them," said a chaplain from the Conroe area.

"A prayer for those who patrol what's often been called the thin blue line", said Deputy Mike Evans with the Montgomery County Sheriffs Department.

"The past month has presented tragic events that have tested that line and it appears there are evil men who have a desire to destroy that line."

"This open war on violence of verbal attacks and violent attacks and deadly attacks must end now in America," said Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick.

"We are here to declare to our communities and to the world that evil will not rule over us," the chaplain said.

"That thin blue line has been slightly bent but that thin blue line will never be broken," Evans said.

"I think we all have a new job at the gas station " Patrick said referring to Goforth being gunned down while gassing up his patrol car. "When we see a patrol car pull up lets watch their back."