How to save money on groceries as prices rise during pandemic

The average price of groceries shot up 2.6% since March, the biggest one-month increase since 1974, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Who knew an egg would become a hot commodity? Egg prices are up 16% since March. And that's just one of the now more expensive kitchen staples.

The Flipp app says it can help you save up to 50% on your weekly grocery run. So we used it to track down deals on food.

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Once you download the app, enter your zip code and stores in your area.  Then enter your shopping list. We're going to shop for bread, cheese, eggs, and chicken.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the average price for a loaf of bread is about $2.50. Flipp showed us Kroger has bread for $0.99 using a Kroger card. We went inside a Kroger store and found plenty of bread for not a lot of bread, just $0.99. That saved us a buck fifty.

Flipp also showed us Kroger has Frigo cheese snacks fro $2.99 with a Kroger Card. We checked and found that on the shelf for $2.99, too.

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Large eggs can run as much as $3 a dozen right now. Flipp said we'd find them at Randall's with a Randall's card for $0.99 cents.  

We went to Randalls, and boom, there they were, saving us two bucks.

And chicken legs run about $1.50 a pound right now, up nearly 6%.

But Flipp said Walmart had thighs for $1.26 a pound. We went into a Walmart and found the thighs for $1.26 a pound. That saved us nearly a buck for four pounds.


Obviously, you don't want to drive around to different stores to pick up your groceries, so enter your list in the app and choose the store that offers you the best overall savings.

Here are some other apps that can help you save money on groceries:
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