Possible second-round of stimulus checks as millions still await first round

President Trump and Congress are talking about sending out a second-round of stimulus payments. But how much and when is still being determined.

"I am stressed out," said 86-year-old Birdia Churchwell. She says she's still waiting to receive her stimulus check.

"I am very concerned about not having received my stimulus check.  I am 86-years-old and I know many people have already received their checks, but I've not received mine," she said.

Churchwell says her tax refund was direct deposited, but no stimulus check.

"I have called and spoken to many people and they said, 'Wait until next week.'  Well, I have waited until the middle of next week at least three different weeks.  And today I still have not received it," she told us.

Waiting for coronavirus stimulus check? Direct deposit information is due Wednesday, IRS says

Now President Trump and Congress are talking about several different ideas for a second-round of stimulus payments.  Here's a round-up of the proposals:

The Emergency Money for the People Act would send up to $2,000 a month to individuals, up to $4000 for married couples and up to $5,500 for families with children. You'd receive it through a debit card or mobile app, such as Venmo.

The Rent and Mortgage Cancellation Act would allow rent and mortgage payments to be canceled for a year and a fund would be created to reimburse landlords and mortgage holders.

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Another proposal would pay essential workers bonuses.

The Getting America Back to Work Act would give employers a payroll tax rebate covering up to 80% of payroll costs.

And yet another proposal would give Americans $5,000 or $10,000 if they agree to delay or give up some Social Security benefits.

Churchwell says receiving a second stimulus check would help.

But she says, "When I hear that it concerns me because I say another round of stimulus money and I have not gotten money from the first one."

We have reached out to Churchwell's House Representative to look into finding her check.

IRS numbers show 20 million people are still waiting for stimulus checks. Paper checks are being mailed out to the lowest income people first and some make take until August.

If you haven't received yours, you have until noon Wednesday to enter your bank account into the Get My Payment website or you will be mailed a check. 

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