How to get Astros attire without breaking the bank

How would you like to get great looking Astros attire without spending a pretty penny? I went digging for discounts because the price of some 'Stros stuff is scary. I stumbled upon budget-friendly finds at Gordman's stores, where there was even a sign saying, "Deals so low it's spooky."

"We have authentic, genuine merchandise. You'll be really happy to know that our tees here are $19.99 and our caps are $34.99," explains Gordman's Stores Brand Manager Blakeley Graham as she showed us everything, from Astros license plate décor to folding 'Stros chairs.

"We also have these really cute tote bags that are great to grocery shop or throw around and show off that Astros spirit," Graham says.

At TJ Maxx, I found an Astros hockey-inspired hoodie with a $50 price tag, instead of the $100 original cost.

In addition to discount stores, remember resale shops may have what you're looking for. First Dibs second-hand store has cute home team tees for $22.

Temperatures are taking a tumble. So an Astros beanie isn't a bad idea. Amazon has a stylish and warm one for $18.  

So, have you coughed up a bunch of cold cash to look good in 'Stros gear?  

"Actually no. This was given to me," laughed one fan who was wearing a cute orange Astros sweatshirt. I guess that's one way not to spend to much on awesome Astros attire.