Houston woman reunites with heroes that saved her life

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It was a year ago Mary Swinton lay unconscious, collapsed on the floor of a restaurant, fighting for her life.

It was a heart attack and it almost killed her, almost stealing the smile and indelible laugh Mary's loved one's know her for. 

Mary says God spared her life, with a few angels that July day. The day her world went black.

Men at the Houston Fire Department, Station 45, saved her life. She was reunited with them Tuesday after a year of recovery.

“Just a second can change your whole life so I’m grateful to you guys. What you do every day. What you do has extended my life," said Mary Swinton.

“It feels real good when you have the outcome like we did that she’s able to walk, able to drive, that she’s able to function fully. That’s very rewarding to all of the members of the Houston Fire Department," said Jeremy Jones, Hourton Fire Department Officer.

"Life is so precious and in an instant it can change. Your whole world can change. It's important to say thank you along the way," said Swinton.