Houston Texans some of the least rude fans in NFL, according to survey

People are passionate about their sports teams, but in Houston, you'll find some of the least rude fans when it comes to football. 


According to a nationwide service by sportsbook NJ Bet, Houston Texans fans were found among the most "sportmanlike" in the league and ranked No. 2 for the least rude in the NFL. 

The survey looked at a number of factors considered "rude behavior" such as standing up and blocking the view, getting drunk, cutting in line, heckling, and blocking the aisle. 


Texans fans joined the Indianapolis Colts, Arizona Cardinals, and Denver Broncos among the top five least rude fanbases, with the Jacksonville Jaguars fans at the top of the list. 

On the flip side of that list, Philadelphia Eagles fans were ranked the rudest, followed by the Las Vegas Raiders at No. 2, and the Dallas Cowboys at No.3. 

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