Houston storm: Residents struggle as power restored a week after deadly storm

Power has finally been restored to some Houston residents after a deadly storm left eight people dead and many without electricity a week ago. The severe weather tore through the Third Ward, among other areas, and left a trail of debris and destruction.

FOX 26 spoke with a resident in the Third Ward who has endured sweltering heat without electricity. Among them was Rosslyn Williams, who lived without power and without the aid of a generator for a full week. Even after her electricity was restored at 1 p.m., the heat lingered in her home.

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"It’s been horrible. You’re sweating, sweating, sweating, sweating, and females have this thing that they go through so that even makes it worse. Your refrigerator freezes, your washer and dryer. You can’t use anything. I bought about 8 bags of ice trying to keep stuff cool, but you know that stuff melts quick," said Williams.

Thursday's storm and the subsequent EF-1 tornadoes disrupted life across Houston, leaving hundreds of thousands without power, and many are from communities including the elderly and those on fixed incomes, who also suffered from food spoilage due to the heat.

With hurricane season on the horizon, Williams expressed apprehension about whether the recent storm is an indication of more to come. 

The city continues to clean up while bracing for potential future weather events.