Houston Police searching for answers after woman found shot to death in a running car

Investigators are left puzzled, piecing together what happened to a woman discovered shot to death in a running car in southwest Houston

Several people heading to work Friday morning drove right by the parked car in the 3500 block of Willowbend near Hwy 90 at Buffalo Speedway. One person stopped to see if the woman behind the wheel needed help and discovered she was dead. 

"At this point we don’t know if she was even shot in the vehicle or outside the vehicle," says Detective Philip Pak with the Houston Police Department.   


It was just before 7:00 a.m. when someone called 911, saying a woman was sitting in a car that wasn't moving in a lane of traffic on Willowbend. 

"Engine [was] still running," Det. Pak explains. "They observed an adult female sitting in the driver’s side seat unresponsive, so they called."

Was she gunned down in a domestic dispute? Was she shot somewhere else and drove there trying to escape the gunman or did someone open fire on the woman right there in a fit of road rage? It's all unclear, however, several bullet casings were found there on the ground. 

"There are some, but we’re still trying to determine if that’s related to this case or if the shell casings were from a different event." the detective says.


At last check, investigators did not find a gun in the car, and we did not see any obvious bullet holes in the windows or in the car. 

Detectives say they still have a lot of clues to connect to try to come up with answers to a host of questions, including what happened to this woman and why?