Houston police investigating triple shooting possibly due to car crash on Rainbow Dr.

Authorities are piecing together what led up to a triple shooting in southeast Houston overnight Sunday. 


It happened around 2:30 a.m. in the 2200 block of Rainbow Dr. when police were called to the scene of a shooting. Responding officers found three young man in their 20s with gunshot wounds. 

They were all taken to the hospital, one of them in serious condition. 

It's unclear, as of this writing, exactly what happened due to conflicting reports. For example, it was reported the drivers of a truck and sedan were involved in a minor crash, which caused a disturbance between the two groups. 

However, the two men in the sedan told police four men in the truck disabled their sedan from the crash and started attacking and robbing them. The two men in the sedan reportedly also had guns and fired their weapons at the four men, but only three were hit by the gunfire. 

Two of the men from the sedan and at least one man from the truck were detained by police. 


An investigation remains underway while officials work to get their stories straight, but no additional information was shared, as of this writing.