Houston police investigating deadly shooting involving off-duty Harris County deputy

A Harris County deputy has been charged with murder in the death of his wife.

Deputy Renard Spivey, 63, was arrested on Monday night.

What started as a possible domestic dispute involving the off-duty deputy and his wife, turned deadly. Investigators said it happened around 3:15 a.m. Sunday inside the couple's southeast Houston home near Briscoe and Coffee Street.

Officers said the woman was found dead inside that home and the sheriff's deputy was shot in the leg.

The incident is being investigated by the Houston Police Department.

"The Harris County Sheriff's Office family extends our sincere condolences to the family of Patricia Spivey as they mourn the loss of their loved one," said Sheriff Ed Gonzalez. "While the facts of this specific case will be determined by a jury, I encourage all victims of domestic violence to seek assistance from law enforcement and others whom they trust. I also ask anyone who suspects a friend or loved one may be the victim of abuse to persist in helping them escape a potentially deadly situation."

The sheriff’s office says Spivey’s future employment status will be reviewed by the sheriff’s Administrative Discipline Committee.

Ezra Washington identified his sister, Patricia, and his brother-in-law, Renard Spivey, as the couple involved in the incident.

“I nodded off, went to sleep and woke up missing a sister,” Washington said.

Washington said he had just spoken with his brother-in-law on the phone for nearly six hours the night before, giving him relationship advice, like he always does. 

“He said that now, when they argue she doesn't hold back. She speaks her mind. My sister, she will speak her mind if you push her for it. If you push her enough, she's going to speak her mind,” Washington said.

At some point during the conversation, Washington said a comment made involving his now-deceased 52-year-old sister, raised some eyebrows.

“He said if she talk to me like I'm a child again, that incredible hulk is going to come out. And it ain't gonna be good. And I said man, if it gets to that point-- because he's a big guy if you've seen him-- then get your stuff and go,” Washington said.  

But Washington said he never thought their arguments were anything out of the ordinary.

“Not violence. I mean, every couple argues and has issues, but never heard anything like that the whole time, I really hadn’t. I never thought it would escalate. Man if I had, I would've driven over here. I would've gotten here. That's my sister in there,” Washington said.  

Washington said the couple's been married since 2015 and have lived in their Southeast Houston home they built for two years. 

Washington said his sister leaves behind a daughter and her 83-year-old father, who also lived with the couple.

“My sister was just a joy. A lovable person. She loved to look after other people. She would take her dad to the doctor, barbershop, shopping. She took him to get pedicures,” Washington said. 

Friends and neighbors close to the couple were shocked by the news of the woman’s death.

“The victim was not only a mother. She was a true socialite,” said Bri Fox, a family friend.

“They're always going somewhere celebrating. They would even invite us over to their home for a gathering. They're good people. Family oriented. It has taken us for a shock right now,” said Chastany Moss, a neighbor who lived across the street from the couple.

Washington said his sister was a Jack Yates High School grad who was passionate about health and fitness.