Houston NAACP calls for federal investigation in officer-involved shooting of Pamela Turner

Civil rights leaders called for justice and protests after the Baytown police officer who shot and killed Pamela Turner, an unarmed Black woman, was found not guilty. 

Houston NAACP President James Dixon said the judicial system once again failed to give them a fair and just verdict in the fatal shooting of an unarmed Black resident. 

BACKGROUND: Shooting death of Pamela Turner: Baytown officer Juan Delacruz found not guilty of aggravated assault

"The video makes it obvious," said Dixon. "Pamela Turner, on the ground, unarmed, begging for her life, shot at five times, hit fatally three times, should still be alive today." 

Leaders requested a federal investigation of the shooting, and they’re calling on locals to prepare for protests to happen in the Baytown area. 

"Malcolm X once stated that the African American female is the most unprotected, disrespected women group in this nation," said Cynthia Cole of the Greater Coalition for Justice. "Does this not seem to be true?"

Turner's family members, who spoke to FOX 26’s Isiah Carey Tuesday night, said prior interactions between Delacruz and Turner in the apartment complex where they both lived, and Turner’s mental health conditions, should have been admitted in court. The Harris County’s District Attorney’s Office shares the same opinion. 

Turner’s sister Antoinette Dorsey said while she’s disappointed in the verdict, the family is still hoping for some type of justice. 

"I walked out of there hurt, but when I started thinking about it, there's only one judge, and that's God," said Dorsey.