Houston mayor, Texas Senator react to presidential election

The counting continues in key battleground states to determine who will win the Presidential Election.

After a massive lead on election night favoring President Donald Trump, mail-in ballots have lifted former Vice President Joe Biden ahead in Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Georgia.


On Thursday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz discussed his frustration regarding the Presidential Election on FOX News.

“I’m more than a little frustrated,” said Senator Cruz. “Every time they close the doors and shutout the lights, they always find more democratic votes. In Detroit, they covered up the windows so no one could look at them. It’s only the hard democratic cities, where they know what the total is, they have to get the votes, they need to beat the president, and they don’t want anybody watching them.”

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President Trump’s campaign team has discussed taking legal action involving the election. A recount is expected to take place in at least Georgia and Wisconsin.

State and city leaders are now weighing in on the Presidential Election. On Friday, we interviewed Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner.

“As long as things are going certain people’s way, everything is fine. But when it’s not okay, it’s illegitimate and everything is wrong,” said Turner. “Just count every single legitimate ballot. If somebody voted, and they voted according to the processes that were set up in their respective state, they need to honor that.”


In a post on Facebook, Texas Governor Greg Abbott also joined the political conversation.

“Texas swiftly processed more than 11 million votes and quickly announced winners across 2 time zones,” said Governor Abbott. “To ensure transparency, we allow poll watchers from each party to participate in the voting and tally processes. What is happening in some states undermines trust in elections.”

“For the Governor or anybody else to make those statements, it’s wrong,” said Mayor Turner. “Every state does things differently, and Texas ought to understand that.”

As of Friday evening, the Presidential race was still too close to call.

“They are setting the stage to potentially steal an election, not just from the President, but from the over 60 million people across this country who voted for him,” said Senator Cruz. “It is lawless, and they need to follow the law.”