Houston man invested $500K in Midtown nightclub, suing after claiming he was misled

Investors tout PDA as a new unique nightlife experience in Houston, an ultra-lounge unlike anything we've seen before in this city.

"I saw this business and this concept as something great," said Juan Paz. "Also, it comes from professionals, a lawyer, a mortgage broker, and a dentist at the time."

The downstairs concept is modern chic, upscale French decor.

The attire is business formal to semi-formal and employees will be dressed up.

The upstairs concept has a whole different vibe. Think rooftop party in Tulum.

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"The way they papered it up it was supposed to be an oasis in the middle of Houston," said attorney George Edwards. "But what my client got for his very large investment was about half a club."

"It was going to be exclusive," Juan said, "The hookah thing was going to be $100. They were going to have a DJ booth upstairs with sliding windows it was going to overlook the whole city."

"The project did not start on time," Edwards said. "It was not completed on time. It opened months late."

This is PDA Houston at 3030 Travis. Street Juan says he invested half a million dollars 

"I didn't get a complete product," he said. "I only got half of it and as of today I don't know where the money went."

"Some people might say this could just be a bad investment," Edwards said. "But if it is my client should be able to get documents to support what happened to his investment."

Juan is now suing PDA Houston alleging PDA Houston LLC and PDA Hospitality LLC misled him and made many false promises to obtain his money.

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"I wanted to see where the money was being spent and how much the contractors were being paid," said Juan. "I wanted to see why the contractor was being delayed."

Juan says his numerous requests to see documentation were ignored.

"As of today, there should be a 2-foot club operating at full capacity with a full return to the investors within a year," Edwards said.

"A lot of stuff was misleading, a lot of broken promises," Juan said. "As far as hospitality and nightlife, I'm done with that."

We reached out to the Tadghighi law firm named as defendants in the suit and we have yet to hear back.