Houston law firm files $100M lawsuit over Austin-Bergstrom airport employee's death

An airplane operations specialist, Michael Wills, lost his life in a fatal incident involving a fuel truck at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.  A Houston law firm has now filed a $100 million lawsuit for his wrongful death.

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The lawsuit, brought by Wills' daughter Kimberly, targets Menzies Aviation and driver Michael Dameon Bowers, Jr., alleging negligence in the operation of the fuel truck. During his duties, Wills suffered fatal injuries after being pinned between two vehicles.

Attorneys Randy Sorrels, Alexandra Farias-Sorrels, Andrea Roth of Sorrels Law, and Austin attorney Brooks Schuelke represent Kimberly Wills in this case.


In expressing the profound impact of her father's passing, Kimberly Wills said, "The loss of my father has been devastating to myself and my family. He was my rock, and this unexpected loss is something that is difficult to process even at this time. There is a huge void in my life."

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Randy Sorrels emphasized the preventable nature of Wills' death, pointing to the need for heightened safety measures on airport tarmacs.

"The fueling company should have been exercising the utmost care when working around planes and people on the airport tarmac. This senseless death was completely preventable, and we seek to hold all responsible for Mr. Wills’ death responsible and bring about change in the aviation industry," Sorrels stated.

The lawsuit seeks substantial damages for the Wills family and aims to prompt systemic changes to aviation safety protocols.