Houston ISD students returning to in-person learning on Monday

The state’s largest school district, Houston Independent School District (HISD), will have kids returning to classrooms Monday for the first time this school year.

On Sunday, parents were seen shopping for school supplies, a rare sight for mid-October.

“We really didn’t get school supplies [until today], because we didn’t know when they were going to go back,” said John Torres, a HISD parent.

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HISD allowed parents to decide whether or not they’d send their children back to school for in-person classes. According to officials, roughly 60 percent of HISD are expected to continue taking classes virtually online.

“I’m not excited,” said Artissue, a HISD parent. “I’m just really unsure about the safety protocols they have in place.”

“I’m ready for it, but hopefully it goes well,” said Torres. “If not, they can come back home.”

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According to Andrew Dewey, a representative from Houston Federation of Teachers, state funding decisions ultimately played a factor in schools returning to in-class learning.

“This decision is out of the hands of anybody locally,” said Dewey. “They have to go back in person, or potentially risk the loss of a lot of state funding. The overriding concern, they’re scared. They’re afraid they’re going to get sick. They’re worried they’re going to bring the illness home to their family.”

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HISD schools will require the use of face masks and plan to keep social distancing measures in place while kids return.

“I definitely worry about my kids,” said Artissue. “I worry about their safety. I worry about the other kids; I worry about families. I worry about my family. It’s a lot.’

There are many new rules at HISD schools this year. For a detailed report, click here.