Houston Area Urban League gifted $4.2 million from billionaire philanthropist

Billionaire Philanthropist Mackenzie Scott is helping local urban league chapters across the nation by donating millions in support. Scott signed, ‘The Giving Pledge,’ promising to give away most of her fortune. 

"This is a transformational gift," says Eric Goodie, Sr. Vice President of the Houston Area Urban League.


Scott gifted 25 Urban league affiliates around the U.S; The Houston Area Urban League is one of 25 to be selected to receive $4.2 million unrestricted dollars, which is the largest in the chapter’s 54-year history. 

"It allows us to fully implement a strategic plan that we have been working on for the past two years," says Goodie. "And also be more intentional and focus on our core services in education, housing, health, entrepreneurship, workforce development, and special initiatives."

They say the donation will allow them to reinvest in their continued pledge to serve underserved communities through direct programs and advocacy. 

"Urban leagues across the country are very significant in terms of civil rights organizations, specifically those that provide direct service delivery," says Goodie. "Our history in empowering Black people and other marginalized communities to secure economic self-reliance, civil rights, remains more relevant today than ever."


On an annual basis in Houston, the Houston chapter serves 15,000 individuals through its core programs.

The Houston chapter was founded in 1968 when civil rights were paramount.  

Goodie says he believes Scott is sending a message by showing her desire to help and support local organizations. 

"It is so authentic of her to empower communities and to make people’s vision of service, and to bring communities up, is just humbling to know we were one of the beneficiaries," says Goodie. "I think she is sending a resounding message based on her selection of organizations she is donating to."