Houston-area grandmother uses TikTok to spread positivity

One area educator is using her new discovery of a social media site to try and make you smile. 

"I heard about TikTok during quarantine,” smiles 51-year-old Sharae Young.

That's what quarantining in a pandemic with your grandchildren will do, teach you all about a not so new social media site.

"Basically you go on TikTok and you're lip-syncing or you can do a voice-over and you're practicing the dances. You're trying to do the dances along with the music,” Young explains, and when she does it, it's something to smile about. "I like seeing people smile. I like seeing people with laughter. Through their hurt, through their pain because the same thing that uplifted me and brought me out of my dark places I feel will help somebody else and that's laughter". 

She also now regularly performs prayer Tik Toks. The 51-year-old is a Houston area Special Needs Teacher and a grandmother of three who started goofing off online to connect with her granddaughters.

Then feedback from folks who enjoy her hilarious high-spirited shenanigans compelled her to keep up the dancing and singing.

"I think I'm called to do that. I'm called to bring some sort of sunshine and happiness to people's lives” but she recently found out being a ray of light has come at a cost. Sharae suffered her first social media injury. "I did the Wap Tik Tok last night, the Cardi B one, and when I went to the floor, bounced to the floor I pulled a muscle. I'm ok right now because I've been soaking in Epsom salt,” she laughs.

So does the 51-year-old now plan to leave TikTok to the teens? Nope after a couple of ice packs and possibly aspirin, this goofball grandmother will be right back at it.

If you know someone bringing smiles, encouragement, and inspiration to others tell me about it. Email Damali.keith@foxtv.com. I would love to feature them on Positively Houston.