Houston area brothers raising money for charity exceed goal in 2 months

Their intent was to come up with the money to benefit Houston area kids in need and these two kids themselves ended up raising in just a few weeks what some adults make in a whole year. 

Two brothers who absolutely love being outdoors, playing sports, and they want the kiddos at Ronald McDonald House Houston to have the same experience. So they set a goal to raise $50,000 and actually exceeded that in just about two months. 


I met up with the Mettauer brothers at the Woodlands High School where McKade Mettauer graduated and his brother Mabrey is now a Sophomore. We did the interview on the football field where the two have made magical memories. 

"And now I play football in college. So it’s really important to us," says 21-year-old McKade Mettauer.

"Sports is definitely like my favorite thing to do. It’s just my way to get away from the world," adds his little brother 16-year-old Mabrey Mettauer.

When the brothers volunteered at Ronald McDonald House Houston in August 2021, and they couldn’t take the kids outside to play, "because it was like 103 degrees," says Mabrey. 


As a result, these brothers knew they had to do something about that. October 1, 2021, they decided to raise $50,000 for Ronald McDonald House.

"We’re going to help them build a wheelchair-accessible playground," McKade explains. "We’re going to help build shade structures for them, so they can play in the summer and hopefully a basketball court."

The Mettauer brother’s dream of helping has turned into a reality. They’ve now raised more than $55,000.

"Me and my whole family prayed every night about it. It was just something we really wanted and God definitely put His hands into place," says Mabrey. 

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"I hope they’ll enjoy it, have a good time, and it’ll make their stay at the Ronald McDonald House a lot more comfortable and fun," adds big brother with their proud coach, David Colschen, with The Woodlands High School Football standing by. 

"As coaches we always look to try to instill stuff into the kids that we coach, but it’s a blessing to have coached these two gentlemen because they’ve instilled a whole lot more in me than what they realize." 

What you may not realize is around the same time McKade and Mabrey were raising money for the Ronald McDonald House they had no idea their beloved coach and his wife were staying there because their new baby girl was born with a tumor.

"It was incredible. I was like that’s awesome. That is something that is so needed and is such a blessing to all the families and the kids that are down there," says Coach Colschen. 


"I’m very appreciative to everyone who’s donated and helped us reach our goal," smiles McKade.

The Mettauer brothers fundraiser is actually still going on, which you can contribute to by clicking here.