Honoring officers who put their lives on the line, remembering those who paid the ultimate price

This police week, the nation is honoring not only officers who put their lives on the line, but also those who paid the ultimate price. 

With cake and a special meal, loved ones of Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal are celebrating.

"Today is his 44th birthday," says Dhaliwal’s sister Harpreet Rai, but the guest of honor is only attending the party in spirit.

"As long as I live, I think he’s going to be with me all the time. I feel him every moment of my life. It’s been two years he’s been gone from me," says Dhaliwal’s dad Pyerasingh Dhaliwal.  


"Every day I talk to him. I feel like he’s here with me but not seeing him, I miss him a lot. I miss him every single moment," adds Deputy Dhaliwal’s sister. 

Deputy Dhaliwal was shot and killed during a traffic stop in September 2019. To honor the selfless deputy, his sister made meals for Houston’s homeless and Dhaliwal’s colleagues made the special deliveries.   

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Across town, Houston City Councilman Mike Knox is remembering his son Houston Police Officer Jason Knox.

"It’s been a year so it’s still a little raw for us." 

Officer Knox was killed when the Houston police helicopter he was in crashed into an apartment complex.

"It wasn’t in our plan for him to leave but he did. So we make it one day at a time. It’s tough getting out of bed every morning," says Councilman Knox. 

Officer Knox loved flying. In fact, he got a kick out of doing so over his parents house.

"You ever see the show X-files and the big light would shine and the aliens would come? It was sort of like that. We’d be sitting here and the whole backyard would light up. It was like oh my gosh and the next day the neighbors would come out ‘What happened at your house? We saw a helicopter shining a light on your house’ and I’m like oh it’s just Jason," smiles Knox.


That’s just who Jason was, a prankster who is now memorialized along with Deputy Dhaliwal, and many other heroes who Knox hopes you'll remember this police week.

"I think this week is an opportunity for the population to reflect, what their life would be like without them. It would be survival of the fittest. If you’re mean enough and bad enough to take somebody else’s stuff there’s no help coming," says Knox.

Those who would like to do something special for the families of area fallen officers can reach out to https://the100club.org or https://www.assisttheofficer.com.