Houston Bush airport already seeing holiday travel rush, travelers sit in traffic

Nearly 55 million Americans are expected to travel for Thanksgiving and according to AAA, travel numbers should be close to what they were before the pandemic.

In Houston on Monday, a long line of travelers sat in traffic just trying to get to Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport.

"It was crazy," said Serah Nbugua, a traveler flying from IAH Monday evening. "Almost unseen traffic. Not really moving, zero miles per hour. Everyone was honking. Everyone was trying to get somewhere. A bit frustrating."

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Some drivers say they had to sit in traffic for more than 15 minutes just to go one-mile while approaching IAH terminals A and B.

"The worst part is when you get off the highway and you think, I’m at the airport," said Nbugua. "Then, boom. Stop."

Of the nearly 55 million Americans expected to travel more than 50 miles from home for the Thanksgiving holiday, about 4.5 million are estimated to be traveling by air.

"Everything was pretty smooth," Nick Valenti, a passenger arriving from St. Louis. "Although, this is just the beginning of it. I’m glad I’m through now, instead of waiting a few more days.

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The ride-share line was long for arriving passengers at IAH. Some people had waits exceeding 15 minutes and were faced with higher than-normal rates.

"It’s not very fun," said Callun Clark. "It is what it is. As long as I get to see my family at the end of the night, it’s alright."

Officials are reminding air travelers to get to the airport earlier than normal for upcoming flights and to plan for long waits.