HISD parents voice concern of spring break travel amid COVID-19 outbreak

Houston ISD informed parents about a possible case of Coronavirus, COVID-19 late Monday afternoon.

The district has announced that they have asked several individuals to self-quarantine for 14 days.

School officials have not shared whether the individuals are staff, faculty and/or students.

Parents we spoke to Tuesday morning at West University Elementary tell FOX 26, the news about the few individuals having to self-quarantine is not concerning to them.

However, spring break travel is worrisome.

Some parents say they are concerned that travelers can contract the virus during their vacations and bring it back to the Houston area and its school.

Leaders of Houston-area Union for School Support Staff and Teachers tell FOX 26 that school districts have not addressed the issue of spring break travel with faculty or staff.

They are, however, trying to keep school grounds as clean as possible.

Right now, HISD is not releasing which schools have been impacted but they emphasize the schools are getting a rigorous clean.

This includes fogging of all rooms with CDC-recommended disinfectant and cleaning air ducts, a common practice for potential cases of airborne viruses.

For all other schools, HISD is continuing to follow its standard procedure for routine cleaning and disinfection.