High-speed chase ends in deadly crash in Brazoria County

A driver is dead following a high-speed chase in Brazoria County that started on Thursday, authorities said. 

It all started just before 1:45 a.m. when a Brazoria County Sheriff's Deputy attempted to stop a speeding vehicle in the area of FM 2611, near Brazoria


Authorities said the driver failed to stop for the deputy and exceeded speeds of 100 miles per hour during the pursuit. 

During the pursuit, authorities said the driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a heavily wooded area near County Road 519. The driver was seen exiting the vehicle and continued running from police into the wooded area. 

Officials said several attempts were made to locate the driver, but were unsuccessful after multiple specialized units were called out to the scene. The was cleared around 6 a.m. Thursday. 


Then almost three hours later, authorities returned to the area to continue their investigation. 

Authorities said a drone team was called to the scene to assist in their investigation. 

During the investigation, authorities said they discovered a possible trail of blood. After following the trail of blood through the wooded area, authorities found the trail ended at the edge of a body of water on the opposite side. 


The Gulf Coast Rescue Squad was called into the area to search for the driver. 

Around 8:40 p.m. Thursday night, the driver, 29-year-old Timothy Hendrickson from Brazoria, was recovered from the water. 

Authorities said the investigation into the incident is ongoing.