'He’s capable of doing a lot more,' hotel employee speaks after being punched during robbery

Tonja Fairchild is reflecting on the moment she was punched in the face earlier this month during a robbery at a Houston hotel. 

FOX 26 showed her the video for the first time.


She says she works hospitality, and was closing down for the day at a hotel when one of the patrons decided to steal a bag on the counter. 

"He’s capable of doing a lot more than that. I really honestly do believe that and if he had a chance to come back that night, he would have done worse to me," said Fairchild.

She says she acted off of instinct and knows if it ever happens again, she will not go after a suspect.

Fairchild says she knows it could have been much worse.

The incident took place at hotel, located at the 2900 block of West Sam Houston Parkway. 

"My first reaction was, I’m going to get this bag some kind of way," said Fairchild.


She tells FOX 26, she has always been aware of her surroundings. But now after the incident, she is even more cautious.

"I told my co-workers this is not good, because we are here doing our work," said Fairchild.

Please contact Crime Stoppers of Houston at (713) 222-TIPS directly if you have any information related to this investigation.