‘Have an ice day’: Otters chill out at Oregon Zoo

Oregon Zoo’s river otters enjoy snacking and chilling out in a tub of ice.

In footage shared Wednesday, the furry residents of the zoo -- Tilly, Flora, and Hobson -- were seen rolling around and chowing down on cubes of ice.

They are orphaned and rescued river otters "that started a furmily together here," the zoo said.

Currently, the habitat for the trio is closed for a redesign. River otters are found throughout North America, wherever they may be food and easy access to water.

According to the Oregon Zoo, fur trapping back in the 19th century lowers their population, "but they have returned to the healthy waterways and lakes of the Pacific Northwest."

You can learn more about Tilly, Flora, and Hobson on the zoo’s website. 

oregon zoo otters

Credit: Oregon Zoo